Anouk Nitsche, interview with a photographer

 At a common friend’s birthday, I remember sitting down at the table when my friend pointed at this person, “she is an amazing photographer” he said. At this moment, I didn’t really realize who he was pointing at… Few minutes later, I got at the bar, and bumped into this beautiful and charismatic woman. And we casually started to chat, and she said, I´m a photographer.

 The dots connected, Anouk Nitsche, photographer and amazing friend. When you look through Anouk’s photography you can feel a sensible and rough energy. She creates this universe that highlights details, poetic moments, nature and industry. Throughout her work you can feel her own particular vision, and how she is interested in embellishing the woman’s attitude towards power and roots.

 Anouk usually works with analogue that gives this particular atmosphere. She has this spontaneous vision, that is filled with her own references and universe-thoughts. When working with her we were amazed by the sharpness of her eye, how she coordinates the right color scheme, she would play with spontaneity. Always without superficial props, embellishing her subject, just working with natural beauty, of the spaces, light and her subject aura. For House of Rowdy Anouk has been a big part of defining the image of being Rowdy. And we are happy to present some of her strong work and universe.


Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy




Hola Anouk, we are so happy to have you!!

Hello beauty! I'm also very happy to exhibit in House of Rowdy! Thank you for having me!


First of all, can you tell us a bit about your journey?  

I started studying photography in Zurich. I graduated and my long-term relationship just finished. I felt the need for a change and I wanted to leave Switzerland. I was also pretty heartbroken. I always dreamed of living next to the sea, somewhere warm. Barcelona came to my mind, and it felt perfect for me. That was it, I packed my things and headed to Barcelona. I didn’t know Spanish, not mentioning Catalan. As a lot of people would say, I thought of going for some months and ended up staying years. It now has been 22 years that I am living here, and I guess it was a good call.


Oh, very impressive, and how did you fell in love with photography?

I first fell in love with this guy, that I needed to get away from. He loved photography and introduced me to the black and white lab, but also to the whole universe of photography. That was it, I was fascinated by this world. By then, I bought my first camera, a Canon F1, which I still have with me, and cherish. And, he was also a part of my decision of staying in Barcelona far from Zurich.


You once told me that you modelled, how did you ended being behind the camera?

No, I never model where did you get this from? 


I thought remembering some pictures of you…

Oh, no, I just went once to a Go&See and I actually didn't like it at all. I just felt so uncomfortable, I felt pretty displaced. I can tell that I much prefer to be behind the camera, it feels more comfortable, and more like me.


Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy


Do you have any obsessions? 

Cameras and photography, after all of these years I never get tired of it, and always get inspired by it... also books, I enjoy the color of it, the paper, the print... even if I don't read them all...


Can you tell me a little about your reading habits? 

I love books, I read a lot, but since Instagram, I unfortunately have difficulties with finishing one book, it's so crazy. I'm fighting for getting back in reading more, because I truly appreciate it. I am right now reading a book from David Lynch, “Catching the Big Fish”and this book I will finish it for sure, if not I would be ashamed! ; )


What artist inspires you? 

Hard question, If I think about it so many artists inspired me. There is so many incredible artists, doing incredible work. The first names that come to my mind are Nikki Mc Clarron, Harley Weir, Chris Rhodes, Daniel Shea, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Werner Herzog, David Lynch and much much more…


Looking throughout your work, we can see how you started to affirm your own style, was it a long process?

You know, I feel that I am constantly in the process of it…on growing, experimenting and also on accepting my own “style”. I believe it is a process of getting to know your own self in order to build a style from it.

Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy
Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy

 How did you get into the fashion industry?

A friend of mine had a studio, and there was free spot in it. She just asked me if I would like to enjoy the space in it. I then started to shoot “fashion” editorials and work a photographer. Before that, I worked as an assistant, but also did work as a waitress, babysitter...


I realized that you often combine two images, is it to give a feeling of contrast?

To be honest, I don’t really know, I think it a really intuitive approach that I have. I really get a different sense of the picture, when you see it as a composition. It can be from its color, form, movement. By combining them you understand them differently.

Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy
Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy
Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy

How do you choose to work with BW and colors? How does it affect your approach? 

Again, very intuitive...

Tell us about your future project...

I would love to shoot more personal projects this year, and travel for it. I'm planning to go to Nigeria and Thailand to extend my work. I have two projects in mind, but sorry I can't tell too much right now... they are still in an early process.

Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy
Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy
Anouk Nitsche House of Rowdy



Anouk Nitsche

Words: Lynna Hedli