Apart from providing a space for vintage and fashion enthusiasts, we are a vibrant center for creativity, constantly organising and hosting a myriad of events that celebrate artistic expression. We provide our services through pop-ups, immersive parties, art exhibitions, workshops, and art production. We invite you to network and also immerse yourself in a curated collection of unique, vintage finds that transcend eras, embracing the diversity of bygone aesthetics.

Step into a world where the past meets the present in unexpected ways, and join us in shaping a future that honours the wild spirit of individuality. Explore, discover, and be part of a community that embraces the timeless allure of vintage with a modern, eclectic twist.

We are proud to have hosted:

Can Pep Rey, Loys Laundry, Nadiia, TAJMI, Anouck Nitsche, Kim Van Vuuren, Laundry day, Groc projects, Meer & Forst, Elene Bokeria, Tacky, Chillie London, Lily HelpsSusmies






  • Hodkotom pop-up party