About us

House of Rowdy began as a ROWDY magazine with its first publication in November 2019. ROWDY magazine happened as a collaboration among many creatives including photographers, stylists, writers, graphic designers, wanting to express their yearning to art through print. 

Today it is a space merging love for fashion, magazines, design and art, basically one place for all the things we love. 


When you enter "House of Rowdy", you are most likely driven by curiosity and openness. And because simplicity is the best companion of sublime thoughts, at HOUSE OF ROWDY we focus on what is essential and basic. For us, less really is more. For this reason, our close and respectful relationship with hand picked vintage and sustainable fashion and of course great magazine and reads, also for the kids. 

We believe that everyone can use their talent, knowledge and imagination to co-create a world that is more balanced, diverse and more beautiful. That's why apart from being a concept store we decided to dedicate the upper part of our space to coworking, giving young freelancers/ artists space to create.  We´re so happy to be currently hosting a young artist from South Africa, Kim Van Vuuren and Elisabeth Herzog, an interior designer from Germany.