(Dream)ing of 2024

Salvador Dali, “Persistence of Memory”, 1931

As the end of each year approaches, we are called to find closure for whatever loose ends may have been left behind, to reflect on the past twelve months and to decide on new (or recurring) intentions for the new year. Now, we´re not here to sell you the ´new year, new you´ philosophy because we wholeheartedly do not believe in it. This sentence has burnt us in the past due to its drastic nature – the expectations that it carries with it, the pressure to achieve everything immediately and a commitment that although rapid, is quite short-lived (yes yes we all tried to read 68 books this year - we're currently still on number 7..). Instead, we seek for a more substantial and long-term relationship with whatever it is we want to bring into materialisation.

Our recent fascination here at Rowdy with surrealism, dreams and the unconscious mind, led us straight into the works of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and artists Salvador Dali, Renee Magritte and André Breton who all created art through their introspective journeys. Freud believed dreams to be a portal to our unconscious mind, where a lot of our unfiltered and most authentic thoughts are. Dali, thought that dreams were the most extraordinary way to remain in the creative state for an extended period of time. And in the words of Breton, “Surrealism is based on the belief in the omnipotence of dreams, in the undirected play of thought.”

Thus, to seamlessly integrate our new year's intentions with our complex inner worlds, we have chosen to explore the enchanting realm of dreams and all the ways through which they can provide us with insight into our unconscious mind. We believe this to be a creative and introspective way to approach the upcoming year with a fresh set of eyes! 

Since our unconscious mind holds access to thoughts and emotions we may not have fully acknowledged yet, try to understand what those may be for you. For example, stairs in dreams can often mean a need for guidance. Climbing them could be associated with progress, growth, or the pursuit of goals, while unfinished stairs could symbolize obstacles or challenges in your path. Every element has its own meaning – find it and see how it connects to you.

Incorporate elements from your dreams into your personal visualization process for achieving your resolutions. Make them vivid and powerful enough in order to emotionally charge your psyche, thus enhancing your commitment to them! Don´t forget to align your mind-body connection in order to fully access your potential. If you're in Barcelona, visit the Art and Nature exhibition in CaixaForum to get inspired!


If you prefer books, pick up the ´Dream Dictionary from A to Z´ by Theresa Cheung. If you´re really into discovering your subconscious mind, give Joe Dispenza a try through his book ´Becoming Supernatural´.

And for our readers who are seeking a more interactive exploration, we strongly recommend the ´A journey home´ deck of self-exploration cards from House of Rowdy! 

Whatever you decide, make sure to have fun with it! As the new year unfolds, strive to elevate your energy, embrace new experiences both in the physical and mental realms, and unleash your creative spirit with fearlessness. The possibilities are limitless. Have a magical new year!

Love, House of Rowdy XO