Fashion Newsletters We´re Gushing Over on Substack.

While Instagram continues to be our primary platform of use given its visual capacities, lately we have found ourselves becoming inspired through following our favorite creatives on Substack. This online platform caters to both subscription-based and non-subscription newsletters and features an easy breezy format that feels like an online magazine but in a more catered-to-you curated form. Here are our favorite substack accounts and why. 

  1. The Cereal Aisle by Leandra Cohen.

    There are so many reasons we love Leandra. Her style, her outlook on life. Her weekly suggestions of beautifully packaged snacks. She can take any trend and make it feel original. (Take one look at her newsletter and you´ll see why we now own 7 pairs of red socks.) She always includes plenty of visual references for you to drive inspiration from and experiment through. Finally, while she does provide a sort-of curated shopping list by listing all the pieces she wears, you can also simply enjoy her styling tips and play around with garments from your own closet, while reimagining your personal style! Oh, and cherry on top? She's hilarious.

    Leandra Cohen

  2. Magasin by Laura Reilly.

    She's a former InStyle writer and her newsletter takes a more shopping-informative lewk where readers receive a bi-weekly article outlining news in the fashion world, banging sales, shopping recommendations (good enough to blow all Monday blues away) and styling tips around garments that should be staples in everyone's closet. Bonus points: fashion week recaps, guest curations, crowdsourced spreadsheets of suggestions on what to buy - and why (although we really never need that) where to buy it and whether it's on sale.

    Laura Reilly

  3. Unpolished by Courtney Grow.

    Her instagram bio says she´s blocking her husband and sharing her best finds with everyone else; and that should tell you everything about Courtney´s humor, sharpness and outlook on life. Her substack offers perfectly put-together lists that include her best weekly finds or the ideal shopping list based on whatever she's obsessing over in a given moment. We love her style, her suggestions  (that cover fashion, beauty & more) and her humor. Because what's not to laugh about how our bank accounts are slowly deteriorating? :)

    Courtney Grow

  4.  NEVERWORNS by Liana Satenstein.

    She´s runs a byline for Vogue, where she spills all fashion news, has been wearing the same leather jacket since highschool and she uses her substack to talk about the pieces in her closet she's keeping and which ones she´s parting ways with. We love her take on responsible shopping, her interviews with people who are looking to clear their closets (and their conscience) and her understanding of what it means to have personal style whilst not breaking the bank. Neverworns also invites (with open arms) a space to share obsessions in regards to film and music videos ´whether that is Madonna’s lip liner in “Bad Girl”, the layered meaning of hard-handled bags the anime opening in Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough”, or Gwyneth’s key tray in A Perfect Murder. 

    Liana Satenstein

    There you have it! Our favorite substack profiles. Enjoy.

    Love, House of Rowdy XO