Enzo Iriarte: a college dropout who graduated in life

Surprise surprise according to the National Center of Education, the newest generation tends to follow their dreams and guess what Gen Z is the biggest dropout age group. This is a major shift from recent generations like the Baby Boomers who were all about landing the perfect job right out of college and then riding it out to retirement.
Moreover today's most successful entrepreneurs and artists are in fact college dropouts. From entrepreneur Steve Jobs, to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to Kayne West, who’s first album ‘’College Dropout’’ is named after his own experiences of leaving college to pursue a career in music.
 Although, I don't want to encourage students to drop out. Right now I’m about to graduate from a marketing degree, and completely relate to the phrase,‘’She has no idea what she doin' in college. But she won't drop out, her parents will look at her funny?’ following song All Falls Down on Kayne’s album. Because yes, I admit that I tend to care too much that society is going to under-estimate my potential in life. They keep saying, “no school , no good life”.
This statement may come true if you quit and become lazy. Well Enzo is a perfect example of how hard work definitely pays off. A ’360 Artist '’, that's what he calls himself in his Instagram bio. His instagram feed only shows his work, authentic and edgy, a true artistic experience. From photographing skaters in his neighborhood while working with the biggest models, like Tina Kunakey. I connected with him after I asked a mutual friend for young creatives in Barcelona, and scheduled a coffee date to get to know the master behind the work.
As soon as he walked in the store, I felt like I knew him. It all made sense. His style and his easy-going energy, it was exactly what I had in my mind when thinking of a creative young talent from Barcelona. While walking to the nearest coffee spot, around the corner of the shop. I asked him what brought him to Barcelona. He tells me he’s from Venezuela but moved to Barcelona when he was two years old. As we waited for our coffees, he shared his story, his world, with me. His passion for fashion; his brand Kiss N Kill, which will be released soon; his love for music and photography. Enzo draws out the vulnerability.
I was so excited to know more. After learning more about him, I realized he just got to the point where he wanted to make something of his own, which his mom at first didn’t understand. ‘’I remember when I was on my grind and working late hours, she just couldn't get it. She wanted me to finish college, and it's been a really long long long process for her to understand my passion’’ he shared. A journey of dedication and hard work, and now that he makes a living of his desires, she is even more than proud.
 Back to the 360 artist. Every belief of him comes together in his work, just like a circle; A unity among the elements that help it function together. Which brings me to the most important lesson I took away from my coffee with Enzo - one I believe we can all learn from - is simply to follow your dreams. Let’s find out why…

Hi Enzo,what is your morning routine today?

Woke up, shaved my head and had a shower, and then just came to the store. I’ve found myself craving those walks to connect with myself in search of a different kind of inspiration. 

So, how is 2022 treating you so far?

Yeah, I would say good and very productive. Since the beginning of 2022, I have been very busy with two projects that I´m looking forward to. The first one is the push of Le Rejeté and her Silhouette. 

Apart from that, I am working on the relaunch of Kiss N Kill, the clothing brand which I started back in 2018. Based on all the gained experiences over the past years, everything finally falls into one place, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. 


Kiss n Kill Rowdy Enzo Iriarte


What and how were your first work experiences?

During my bachelor's, I started taking pictures with two friends from my class. From the moment I started to post my work online and big brands started approaching me. I started to work with Brandy Melville, and the great thing was that they reposted my work which gained into more audience and more validation. From that moment, brands started hitting me and vice versa I reached out to more brands. I started connecting with more people. It was a slow process, but it worked.

When did you know that photography was really your passion? 

Actually, photography was not really my plan. So, I have been a musician for my whole life. I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old. I used to watch all these videos from the bands that I liked, and I thought these video’s look cool and I started thinking wow I kinda wanna try this as well. In Milanuncios, it’s a small second hand shop, I found a really really cheap camera, I got it, and that's was the moment it all started. 

Aleesha Rose Rowdy Enzo Iriarte


Let’s talk about Barcelona. What makes Barcelona home to you? 

 Barcelona feels like home, because I started photographing here. I grew up in a small town outside Barcelona and when I moved in the city everything was new, fresh and massive. 

Party’s everywhere, bars everywhere, so many influences and different cultures. In the end, I have got to know lots of people, because there are different aspects going on here. Getting the chance to know them and talk to various people and see people’s different perspectives, is a blessing. So that I can learn from all I hear and all I see, all the stuff that´s in my head, and get my own vision which is cool. 


Gerard Patris Rowdy Enzo Iriarte

Who inspires you and why? 

I don’t specifically follow people. I simply get inspired from everything that I see around me. It can be inspired by anything from nature, or a particular community of people.The key is opening your eyes and seeing it. 

Besides that, my friends and family inspire me a lot. I’m glad that my circle is full of creatives, we always share and push each other to succeed. We don’t take it from the competition or the negativity perspective. We are just one team and family. 

How was working with the model and celebrity Tina Kunakey?

It is a crazy story. I was spending lots of time in Madrid with friends, working on Kiss and Tell.  There was a moment when we just were thinking out loud to do cool stuff to meet and connect with inspiring people. So, we came up with the idea to do a co-branding trip, and why not shoot the shot with Tina. We sent her an Instagram direct message, with in the back of our mind, that she most likely will not respond.

However she did, and we spent ten days in Cuba, shooting and had the best, best time and became very close friends. Even back in Madrid, we remain very close, she always credited my work, modeled for Kiss n Kill and even set up a shoot with her boyfriend Vincent Cassel in Paris. A few months later, his manager contacted me that a magazine wanted to publish those pictures, which was amazing. 

Tina Kunakey Rowdy Enzo Iriarte



Obviously we know you as a photographer, recently you’re also a musician know as Hersilhouette ? Do you prefer one over the order? 

I would say it's just both different parts of me. When I take pictures, people kind of see my work from my perspective.

But when I am singing, producing or writing my music, people get to see a lot more of me and from my inside, thoughts and feelings.

 When I dropped my album last November ‘’Photographs’’, I felt so happy to finally be able to do what I like the most and be able to cross that barrier.

What does Rowdy mean to you? 

It’s an inspiring concept. I like how Rowdy is bringing all creatives together. Honestly I think that there should be more projects or platforms like this. It pushes artists to create, and it gives us a podium. In the end, I am not even close to being a big artist. Not a lot of people know me, so I really appreciate getting this validation, which supports me to promote my work. 

Paint a picture of us, how you would like your future to look?

Hopefully actually like this, just getting more money so that I can connect with more people, and create more excited projects. Other than that, I am very happy and content with my life. I just want to continue shooting and producing with bigger artists and because the picture of my work is getting bigger as well.  


Interview by Noémi van ´t Lam