Rowdy Talks: Marian Brea

Marian Brea House of Rowdy

Marian Brea, she beholds me with tickling but also pressure on the chest. Her work features skin, bones, fine and thick wires and even still life. Curiously, I was wondering, who is Marian? What is she like? What does she think? 

To start with, Marian defines her first solo exhibition from December 2021‘’“tran-qui-la” ‘’ a state of observation. The exhibition space becomes a laboratory for immobile creatures that have just been born or have just died as, where the elements on print display "are dying while keeping us company" and in which the artistic sensibility of the creator is perceived. 

 Marian came to the store for the interview as her exhibition was about to happen a couple of days later at Rowdy. I knew that her work is somewhere between sculpture, painting and fashion design. I styled her in an all black Rowdy outfit, something that will fit with her character. 

I loved her expressions, how she interact, and besides-most importantly that she taught me a wise lesson.Many philosophical and religious traditions say  that happiness is to be found by living in the moment, and practitioners are trained to resist mind wandering and to ‘be here now.’


Anxiety is a common cause of racing thoughts. We tend to always think about what’s next, but don't really stop and love the present. Marian is a good example who enjoys the moment. ‘’I don’t even know where I see myself in one week. I am a day-to-to planner, and I really live in the now and enjoy it’’.


Hi Marian, what do you see as the first thing when you wake up? What is on your nightstand next to your bed? 

Recently I moved to Hospitalided, which is also my workspace and bedroom in one and to be honest my room is changing all the time. Honestly I think, when people enter the room, they will be terrified, because it is actually full of dead animals. From dead squirrels to dead insects, dead butterflies, also animals that I just found there, but I love it so. But that’s what makes me feel home. 


Marian Brea House of Rowdy


You grew up in Barcelona, what does this city mean to you?

I mean, I love this city. In general people from Spain are very lucky because of the weather and that affects our mood of course. You always meet and find new creative people.

But, I do feel that I’m in need of change a new city and a new experience. After the exhibition, the plan was to move to a new city for a new start and closure. 

When did you say that you wanted to become an artist?

I've always been into drawing and painting since a young age, and after high school I started my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at Elisava. However, I wasn’t really satisfied with the course because I felt that I needed something more artistic. So, after two years I quitted, and started with a bachelor in Fine Arts, and from that moment I knew for sure that art is my passion. 

Marian Brea House of Rowdy


Who or what inspires you and why? 

This is a broad one, but let’s say various things. 

I get inspired from music to places but mostly nature and animals. In my work, I am interested in my day to day life. I always believe that everything is connected, and that animals are all circular, like a wheel.

Skin, bones, fine and thick wires are featured in your work. What do you find so fascinating about life and death? 

I was always interested in death. There is this magical moment, a moment with no time, and a moment in between. The same thing when the sun rises, this magical moment where it is constantly systematic. It is always difficult to explain, because to me it’s just a feeling and that’s why I create. It connects with my heart, body and soul. Personally, emotionally and brings out a sentimental feeling.   For example, during the exhibition there was a squirrel in embryo. All with many feelings and the essence of those animals were in the room. The squirrel is dead with bones, but it’s the same as the others who were made from wire and metal because it’s all dead. 

The other thing that I find interesting is that we are all folded creatures and the symmetry makes us almost the same. 

 Marian Brea Rowdy

 Last December, you had your first exhibition ‘’TRAN-QUI-LA’’, how was that experience for you? 

It was an emotional experience.  I wasn’t expecting so many feelings. Beside that, the work was very personal in many ways. I think that It was a combination of closing a chapter  and opening a new door. 

What does Rowdy mean to you? 

Actually, it is super near to my heart. Marta and I met during our masters at Elivasa, and it was a super nice group of people.  Everyone had their own interests and field, which made it a good connection. 

I love how Marta always dreamed about House of Rowdy and she explained our project and from the beginning we were all so supportive and encouraging the project. Martha always loved magazines and stuff and she always wanted to do something with vintage. In the end,I am  more than happy for her, that she put her dreams into real life. 

Now we can all collaborate together, even though we have careers in different fields. So, it is super nice that we both bring and connect and that I can bring a bit of me in Rowdy. 

Marian Brea Rowdy

And finally, any upcoming project in hand that you can tell us about? Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I love clothes, I also have a clothing brand Lycaon and I have a collaborative pop-up on the planning in May. I want to push the capsule collection, which we are creating now.

But coming back to the question where do you see yourself in a couple of years, I would not know. I don’t even know where I see myself in one week. I am a day-to-to planner, and I really live in the now and enjoy that. 

I believe that the nice thing is that in years, so many things can happen and I am open to all of them and I will know for sure that I will be happy. 


Interview with Marian Brea by Noémi van ´t Lam

Photography: Natalia Davtyan