Street style in Barcelona.

Diane Von Furstenberg said, “Everything in fashion begins in the street,” and we wholeheartedly believe that. No designer’s catwalk has ever fashioned a more diverse catwalk than the sidewalk of a city. In Barcelona, the pavement is the catwalk, and the models slay every, single, day.


A stroll down any barrio is a feast for the eyes. Colors, textures, layers (on top of layers), frills, twills, new, old, borrowed, vintage, found-on-the-street; all come together to bring you the Barcelona street-style that has its own thing going on. There’s so much to be inspired by. It’s incontestably cool, in an effortless manner. You can tell they’re not trying too hard. Sometimes it seems like they’re not even trying at all (or perhaps, the look is just very well curated).


Street-style is a direct reflection of everything that’s hot and ‘happening’ right now and Barcelona is no different. It’s a style that undeniably rubs off on everyone if they’ve lived here long enough. It’s playful and quirky but with an edge, and it follows no rules. Which is, in essence, what the city is like too; undeniably free.

People here dress like every second of every day is a special occasion (because it is). They dress for themselves; for the life they lead, the persona they choose to show the world; the emotions they feel like they want to embody. Are they picking up coffee? Going for a run? Grabbing a glass of wine? Hitting the club? ..We’ll never know. Because the outfit will always without a doubt, be a unique blend of everything -- and it works.

Together with upcoming talent and model Kim Pinhero we created a campaign that we hope is a reflection of what Barcelona street style visually translates into, for us. The project idea came to life after Kim spent a couple of afternoons at House of Rowdy, browsing for special pieces and simultaneously getting to know Marta Mars, the creative director and founder of HOR. Through their conversations over their mutual love of fashion and human connection, they decided to bring forth that editorial. 

Talented Luisa Marquez, assisted in putting together a sort of effortlessly cool, urban aesthetic, keeping it real and authentic, and photographer Stanislav Ralko, was able to capture these moments with flawless synchronization and an impeccable feel of the mood. I was there to capture the backstage and William Muyayalo to model. 


House of Rowdy
House of Rowdy
House of Rowdy